Top 10 Literacy Websites

Websites for staff development:

Scholastic – Teachers

Scholastic is great website because there are SO many resources on it! There are free lesson plans, unit plans, teaching guides, extension activities, and more. Their book wizard is a great tool to level books according to guided reading level. I decided to specifically include their teacher section because this would be the most helpful tool for literacy leaders to use with their teachers.

Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project – Videos

This website on vimeo has 59 videos from The Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project. These videos are great for professional development to use with staff as examples of different areas of literacy. The videos range using a variety of grade levels and topics.

TED talks – Education

TED talks are a great way to inspire teachers, educators, and staff. These TED talks are all education based and could be used in any professional development or on a newsletter to inspire staff!


Edutopia has a variety of resources including articles and videos. These resources are great to enhance any topic or focus of staff development. There is also a community board where you can connect, collaborate, and share resources with others.

Websites for teachers to enhance instruction:

Reading A to Z

Reading A to Z is a resource filled with downloadable, projectable, printable teacher materials, covering all the skills necessary for effective reading instruction. The books and resources are correlated to state and Common Core Standards. There are reading lessons, decodable books, reader’s theater scripts, reading worksheets and assessments, and leveled readers that span across 29 levels of difficulty. There are fluency passages to improve reading rate, accuracy, and expression, resources for vocabulary, and phonological awareness and phonics lessons.

Read Write Think

Read Write Think has great ideas, lesson plans, and student interactive practice in all areas of reading. These resources are easy to sort through by skill and grade.


Readworks has a variety of passages. Teachers can search by grade level and skills they are looking for. The site also has standards based lessons plans, activities, and questions.  

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media is an awesome website that has a variety of resources to enhance instruction. This includes images, videos, webpages, interactive websites, and more. You can search by topic, standard, and/or grade level. This is an awesome way to guide teachers into integrating technology into the classroom.

Websites to use with students in the classroom:


EPIC is a free application for teachers that allows students to choose from thousands of high-quality books and videos based on their interests. It is accessible from devices as well as a laptop or desktop. Recommendations are given based on books students have read and are organized by category. There are also audio books that are read to students. The books are age-appropriate with no ads or in-app purchases. Students are motivated by receiving points through books they have read to earn rewards.

RAZ Kids

Raz-Kids is a resource that includes hundreds of interactive, leveled eBooks spanning 29 levels for students to access. Each eBook has an eQuiz that tests comprehension, providing teachers with skill reports for data-driven instruction. Teachers are able to digitally assess each student using online running records. Students are motivated through a Raz Rocket feature that rewards time spent reading in and out of the classroom.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Literacy Websites

  1. Thank you for sharing your websites! I have used many, but also found some new ones I should try! The teachers reading and writing project is one I am going to look at more ind depth. My students LOVE EPIC! Its a great way for kids to try to new books and learn new information through the videos!


  2. I didn’t even think of TED Talks. What a great site for literacy teachers. There are so many amazing talks to listen to that motivate and get that fire burning to create even better teaching. I love PBS learning. So many great learning for students and for teachers to use. 🙂


  3. I appreciate how you categorized your list, hitting three major themes (staff development, classroom instruction, and student use). As a literacy leader it is important to remember that all three are important!

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