My Top 10 Mentor Texts

I’m sure many of you feel the same way as me, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE finding new books to read with my class!! I thought I would share with you my top 10 books my class and I LOVE!


How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer

This is a classic book used in many classrooms but it is a GREAT book to use in the beginning of the school year! It is a great one to build a community of kindness and treating others with respect!


61vbN+azHIL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale

This is another book I use in the beginning of the year to teach the kids the importance of being safe in the classroom and school!



9780805075328Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino

I use this book as a mentor text for inferring! Cute story about a dog who thinks he is unlovable until he meets the dog next door.



51uKqx3CgZL.jpgNot Norman: A Goldfish Story by Kelly Bennett

I use this book for text to self connections and have students make connections about the pet they want. In the story, the boy wants a pet like a dog or a cat, but instead gets a fish. He doesn’t like the pet at first, until he learns to love him!



87e375569e85b1615bc80c7d67f3e699Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown

We use this book as a way to teach students text-to-text connections with the story above.It is a cute story from the bear’s perspective having a pet child!



61eXtAvUpAL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ Goldilocks and Just One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson

There are SO many books out there based off of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but this is a new one that I got from a recent scholastic book fair! It is a cute book about baby bear who visits the city and ends up in Goldilocks’ home!



The Black Rabbit

The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers

This is a book that is a great interactive read aloud because it can be used to model a variety of skills such as predicting, inferring, visualizing, and making connections. This book is about a rabbit who is scared of his shadow and thinks it is a big, black rabbit.




Ralph Tells a Story by Abby Hanlon

I use this book as a start to my narrative writing unit in my classroom! It’s about a boy who doesn’t have any ideas to write a story. With a little help from a friend, he thinks of a HILARIOUS story to tell the class using details. I like encouraging my writers with this story that everyone has a story!


51j3FlqSA9L.jpgThe Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig

This is a great book to teach about feelings and empathy. This book is about a kid who feels invisible at school until a new kid comes and becomes his friend.





princess-ponyThe Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton

This book is hilarious! It is about a girl named Princess Pinecone who wants to become a warrior and asks for a horse for her birthday. Instead, she gets a small, round pony and takes it to compete with at a battle. It’s a cute story that had me and my first graders laughing out loud and re-reading!


4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Mentor Texts

  1. Mentor Texts are so fun! Especially when you teach an older grades-they LOVE when I read picture books to them. Its a great way for students to see a strategy in a simpler form-so many texts in curriculum are boring and students have a hard time connecting to them; this gives them a fun way to see a skill or strategy. (and because its a fun cute story, they will remember it!) thanks for the great book ideas!


  2. Oh I love how you chose to write a blog on books your class loves. It is so fun to find those books that just catch the attention of all of your students and they really dig deep into the understanding of the book. I have many as well that I just love to read to my students. Thanks for some more ideas that I can use in my room.


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